David Florida Laboratory

David Florida Laboratory


The David Florida Laboratory's (DFL's) large anechoic chamber, ATF-2, is not available to clients/users until early 2018, in order to allow for a major overhaul and refit.

The work will consist of upgrades to the HVAC, lighting, fire suppression systems, and will include improved shielding and replacement of absorbers in the chamber. This upgrade is aligned with the major Infrastructure Accelerated Refit (IAR) project by Security and Facilities (S&F) at the DFL.

It is expected that this upgrade will provide DFL clients/users with a more effective chamber by extending radio frequency testing capabilities.

All other DFL facilities remain available and operational in support of our clients'/users' testing needs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to improve the facilities of the DFL for the benefit of all of our clients/users.

The DFL is Canada's world class spacecraft assembly, integration and testing centre located in Ottawa. Named in honour of one of Canada's pioneers in space research, C. David Florida. The DFL is maintained and operated by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

On a fee for service basis, the DFL is available for use by Canadian and foreign aerospace and telecommunications companies and organizations for qualifying hardware. It is registered as ISO 9001:2008 (PDF Document - 626 KB) for radio frequency, structural, and thermal qualification testing of space bound and terrestrial hardware. Support facilities include offices, conference rooms, storage areas, check out rooms, and in house mechanical, electrical and electronic shops.